We are not here to add counterparty risk, but if you want us to pay you or you are not an expert & would like the knowledge & assistance we are available to provide the assistance needed so you can get on board.


We are making no promises, if you are okay with new knowledge, we are here to provide value!


In exchange for a video testimonial and your principal deposit, we will work to provide a return on your investment.   

We will use the testimonial to help us inform other people of your experience with us.  Sharing first hand your experience of our service from start to finish through your journey from your initial investment through to the excitement of seeing your investment grown and receiving funds back into your account again.  

For your video testimonial and your time creating it we will provide to you a very high-quality return, in fact we know you will not get a better offer in the marketplace

  • We will provide some FREE cryptocurrency tokens to you as a bonus for deciding to work with us.

  • Insights & Information not available anywhere else,

  • Assurance that from the outset we are looking out for your interest as our precious valued client.

  • We will give you access to digital resources to enhance your knowledge and understanding home study and personal guidance from our experts.

  • Access to experts and assistance to answer your questions and provide guidance and full hand holding until you are ready and confident to begin.

  • Surround yourself with a team of professionals working to deliver results for you.

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Most importantly we want you to be comfortable working with us, we understand from small beginnings grow great oak trees and we assure you that we  provide the same customer service to all our clients regardless of their initial or ongoing investment size. 


We will always be honest with you and will make you aware from the outset that although we strive to make you money, the nature of the beast is that investment can and will go up as well as down. You should never risk more than you are prepared to lose.  Our processes are our competitive advanatge, and while we may share details we have reserved the rights to our intuletual property and want to use it to assist you.


Our trained and experienced experts can and will do all the work for you whilst keeping you informed every step of the way. Or we pride ourselves on helping you gain your confidence enough to eventually go it alone. 

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Our duty to you is to return back to you more funds than you started with, that’s a no brainer, we will do this not only by investing into markets on your behalf, we also  have our own digital resources to share with our clients, this helps to inform them and give them tools that empower them to make an informed decision to work with us .This site is one of those resources, we have many more and are producing new tools and information every few months.


As a private member only site these resources are only provided to those that we are working for, our secret sauce is not only preserved for our clients purchasing power but is also how we successfully have expanded. 


The internet is awash with all kinds of information, most of it is not accurate, we strongly advise beginners to be mindful of what they read. Treat unregulated information in the same way that a doctor would advise you never to self-diagnose your medical needs by reading an online blog or forum. 

Our team has more than 20 years trading experience behind them and will take all the rough and tumble, confusion and fear out of your launch into investing into crypto currency. That’s what they are dedicated and trained to do. We do not expect you to come on board armed with all the knowledge or tools you need to make money, it's our job to teach you or do it for you. That is what we pay our experts for and the least you can expect from us. Why have a dog and bark yourself? 


Let’s explore some of the reasons to invest into the marketplace.



We hope you understand our humour when we say  that banks have an invisible hand that robs you every day of your hard earned cash sites in its self-serving vault, we think it grew a body and cloned itself. If you can find a bank where your money is giving you a return you are delighted with then you are not the kind of client we can help. Even if banks doubled their interest rates to 4-5% with inflation, fees, and other taxes, you would be lucky to gain a measly 1% on inflation.

Better returns than inflation rates.

We aim and succeed in preserving our client’s long-term purchasing power. We help you overcome inflation by providing the returns that you would expect from professionals and desire from a bank.  Working with us will give you the confidence that you can spend tomorrow more than you did today and know there is more to follow. 


 Ready to begin? Our Payment Options are :

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Provide the principal you would like to start with

Let us know when you would like a return on your capital, 90 days to 10 years. 


Our goal is not to be holding your capital.  We aim to get your principal sum back to you as soon as possible with great returns, allowing you if you wish to then trade on your interest with your initial principal safely back in your account. 


The Action Plan:

Once you are on boarded, we will allocate your own assistance to show you how to get some basic tools set up.

 We will then introduce you to a variety of opportunities while helping you navigate any questions or concerns. WE are with you every step of the way. 

Upon your selected time completing we will do the required work to properly exit your position, collect the returns and deliver them to you in the designated method you have chosen.

Your repayment can be made in numerous options.  Whichever your preference, we will take note and deliver your results with that option.  

  • Fiat Currency, PayPal, Bank Transfer

  • BTC

  • Silver



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More about Hex

Please watch these videos which will help you understand HEX .